AC/DC - Thunderstruck (Official Video)


Official music video for “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC
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About the The Razor's Edge:
AC/DC cracked the seal on the '90s with one of the best riffs of their career. That would be "Thunderstruck," the opening track on The Razors Edge. In addition to "Thunderstruck," the band brought out "Moneytalks," probably the closest they ever came to writing a pop song. Then there was "Are You Ready" - one of their fiercest calls to action. The gritty edge and booming chants on this album were a welcome reminder for a new generation that pure, unadulterated rock 'n' roll was alive and well.
I was caught
In the middle of a railroad track (thunder)
I looked round
And I knew there was no turning back (thunder)
My mind raced
And I thought what could I do? (thunder)
And I knew
There was no help, no help from you (thunder)
Sound of the drums
Beating in my heart
The thunder of guns (yeah)
Tore me apart

You've been thunderstruck

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  • Aerith Gainsborough
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    Show this to a hammer It becomes Mjolnir

  • J Dog
    J Dog2 שעות לפני

    There's no debate. Thunderstruck is the greatest song of all time.

  • Avisek Mondal
    Avisek Mondal2 שעות לפני

    Somehow i am still raging my nerves with this in 2021

  • Skiboot Dier
    Skiboot Dier2 שעות לפני

    My mom saw this video and immediately said, "Hey, He's imitating Chuck Berry!"

  • My MTB
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    2021 still sounds good

    MAXIMADZE3 שעות לפני

    2021 still sounds very good

  • bc b
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    Is this what they call FUN how did we lose this were never going to make it without getting back to what this represents

  • Steve Salkas
    Steve Salkas4 שעות לפני

    How can angus play same cord for 7 mins got me unreal

  • technodazed
    technodazed4 שעות לפני

    I'm sure lots of speeding tickets were issued to people who were listening to this song while driving.

  • Marco Besares
    Marco Besares4 שעות לפני

    We live in a place where it thunders a lot every time it thunders we play this song

  • pikaleo YT
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  • Nicholas Thornton
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    A10 warthog 😆😆😆😆😆

  • Ruslan Samae
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    Acdc - 2021

  • Nurul Hidayah
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    Who else find this song after watching battleship??

  • Fathi Shadouf
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    2021 still sounds good ❤️

  • [DIEE]The_armored_ ace
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    The 193k who dislikes this song, i will "thunderstruck" you

  • upanshu Suman
    upanshu Suman6 שעות לפני

    Did they have gopro back then??

  • isabel cardona perez
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    me encanta

  • Jordani deleon
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    2020 y se oye mas vergas

  • Markus Tyson
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    This song just get rid of my anger

  • Luke Justin
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    People who dislike are idiots

  • Karen Darke
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    There rock is the best

  • Gary Allen
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    You Been Thunderstruck.

  • Elrayo macuin
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    Reason because is the best song: Thunderstruck

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    Here in 2021.. Still sounds awesome 😎

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    2021 as well 🤘🎸

  • wadziwa dril
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    Me when I was 7 year old and drink my parents coffee

  • De Smet Michaël
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    hail my 15!!! Thunderstruck. Alice Cooper and Metallica

  • T Bones
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    2021 moment

  • Wojciech Kuźmicki
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    It's a good

  • Kelly Mukoro
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    2021 and sounds great

  • Olpy
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    2021 still the best of the best🤝

    JJ OFFICIAL10 שעות לפני

    Why is there barely anyone my age(17) who loves this shit



    8 שעות לפני

    @Cosme Vasquez vlogs, and gaming fr our generation missing out

  • Cosme Vasquez vlogs, and gaming

    Cosme Vasquez vlogs, and gaming

    9 שעות לפני

    Im 16 and cant find anyone neither

  • Psycho Dad
    Psycho Dad10 שעות לפני

    My Neighbors listen to this song every day.

  • Jeferson Mariano Cecilio
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    Caralho amo esse som

  • alex serra briongos
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    yeeeee bebe

  • Christian Sánchez
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    2021 and this song stills being fire as fuck

  • josuer rxc
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    2021 and this is still golden

  • merdzan_1986
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  • Julie BEZIAT
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    2021 song is COOL

  • XsarahX YT
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    I love this group!!❤️❤️💘💘😈

    LUIS YT12 שעות לפני

    Yeah this song cant be old

  • Mark3r
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    2021 this music still fire

  • Iggy Redkvist
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    2021 and its still good

  • AC Logging
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    2021 who’s still listening

  • not xp_emiel
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    2021 still sounds good

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  • Carolyn Mobley
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    Angus' schoolboy shorts, so cute!

  • AK Forever
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  • Brandon
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    It's like an episode of Wayne's World.

  • Vladimir Rašković
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    Boxer Dilan Prasovic+this song👌💪

  • Billy Mercury
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    Road to 1 Million

  • Tide Pod • 10 years ago
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    It's all fun and games till the USS Missouri's turbines screams back to life.

  • Ok_ Bud

    Ok_ Bud

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  • Alejandro Reinoso
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    Que música para más buena LPTM

  • Dalton Innan
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    2021 it's still great

  • Visca Barça
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    *Let's see how many people watching this on January 2021*

  • Elizabeth Winch
    Elizabeth Winch15 שעות לפני

    Damn... I love AC DC ❤❤

  • Hail to the King
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    Songs like this do not age

  • Stephanie Payne
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    Its now 2021 man. Looks like we made itxx

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    2021 and still good

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    I listen my heart in fire !!!

  • Subaquatic AirBubbles
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    Lets get this to 1 billion views, including nothing else matters

  • Sham Miru
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    I just realized the vocalist is the Freddie Mercury of heavy rock

  • felipe almeida
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    2021 present 🤘

  • Marco Antonio Moreno
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    Yo solo le metí en el buscador "La canción del Battleship"

  • SA
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    Who is listening in 2021? 👇

  • SA


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    @Tomko 😕😕

  • Tomko


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    im not

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    2021 sounds good.

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    2021 even sounds great

  • Srdjan Cvetkovic
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    Regards from Belgrade

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    2021 nothing has change

  • Austin B Video’s
    Austin B Video’s19 שעות לפני

    For the longest time always thought the guitarist was the lead singer for some odd reason lol

    STAIN XYZ19 שעות לפני

    There were so many Jojo comments in D4C they had to shut down the comments

  • Evan McCutcheon
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    This is big chunk of the 🌎 whached this

  • Amir Lutz
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    Who is here 2021?

  • Tomko


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    im not

  • Tom Ace
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    Maybe the best song ever

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    That amazing un 2021 !

  • Usama Ebada
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    Coming from Big Ramy show at Mr. Olympia

  • james scott
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    who disliked this video is boring as hell

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    2021 woooow still amazing 🤟🤟🤟🔥🔥🔥

  • ondra spesl
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    Mega popici

  • Vvk
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    Ненька 2021.

  • Michael West
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    Hmmm? That's an awful lot of teen boys worshiping a bunch of old dudes.

  • mrs. pattinson
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    hearing this for the 250th time in my life and still getting goosebumps 🤘🏻

  • Abhradip kabasi
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    Disclaimer: before performing this the singers and the audience both has taken intravenous injection of Red Bull.

  • abhishek soni
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    Only bad thing about this video are the ads🤦

    RK RAMAN GAMINGיום לפני


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    2021 still good

  • 69THESTORM69
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    851 millon, vews woow

  • Britney Wanless
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    People really out there making fun of me for liking AC/DC's music with such passion They be like "oh but you're a 13 year old girl. You should really start liking the new music that fits your generation" Like my gender and age and generation should not matter with what I like and sometimes they even be like "half of them are dead lmao" Like that's not even true. Only Malcolm and Bonn (😔) are dead from what I know so far Just saying you should NEVER EVER EVER judge anyone by their taste in music because you probably don't know how that music that they like makes them feel I could go on and on but I have no time lmao

  • IntelAtomWarrior


    שעה לפני

    What's the deal with it, I'm the only metalhead on my high school (I'm 17 yo rn), like if it mattered, just keep away of those kind of people because they don't really like something, they "like" something due to the popularity it has. Once it just goes away from the mainstream, they won't ever care to listen back the music they were supposed to love. I have been listening to Rock and Metal for 3 years by now (Althought I started listening to bands like Green Day when I was 9 but I mean constantly hearing bands) and some of the bands played 30 years ago, and I will be still listening to them probably in 10 years. Why? Because I really like them, that's the difference. There's nothing such "Generation music", that's totally bullshit. You will find this kind of people on R'nRoll genres too, like metal purists such like the cringy Metallica fans that say "OooH ThEr3's nOtHInG GoOd afTeR BlACk alBUmm". Of those who blame anything to nu metal, that isn't even close to just pop/rap/reggaeton fans, it's extended to all genres because people in general are empty with their tastes in music or culture.

  • ٰ
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    This song will always be a great song.

  • Kristi Mcelroy
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    This song was used good in battleship.

  • Cortez Rivera
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    2021 and still would rather this music then what they call music these days !

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    Who is digging it in 2021??!!!!

  • El Media
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    So, when they say, “lets rock!” This is what they mean.

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    Carolyn Mobley

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    Hells yeah!

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    2021 still sounds good.

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    Sounds godly in 2021