AC/DC - Hard As A Rock (Official Video)


Music video by AC/DC performing Hard As A Rock. (C) 2009 Leidseplein Presse, B.V.


  • Scott
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  • Liber Tarian
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    Fads came and went, the best is still standing!

  • dfss csss
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    Not enough good songs about the density of subjects in petrology..... That is what they mean right?

  • Woogie13
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    GOAT - Barr none - very simple actually - why? HARD AS ROCK BIOTCH

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    Une pépite celle là

  • ACDC
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    Bon scott brian johnson ilov them both

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  • monstercat el pro
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    Hard as rock

  • Joe Melton
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    I bought a gretsch guitar I knew about gretsch because of Malcolm

  • Mandi Stewart
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    Dylan AC/DC Dylan Ritter mom Ritter

  • Mandi Stewart
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    Highway to hell acdc dirty deeds done Dirt cheap and the other guy was Dylan

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    Omg, Americans love the new zealand too

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    Her hot potatoes!

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    Still pumpin 2021 🤘🏽

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    2021 hello.. hola

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    Rock and roll Ain't Noise polluting you are not getting around you like a little girl you are in love it doesn't really make sure it will happen in your relationship with her and if she's getting pregnant and then it would have happened before and she doesn't really want he

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    This Ryan Johnson

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    2020: when Brian returns to the band

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    Me in the morning

  • Teddy Krebs
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    Come on acdc great est band on the planet or beyond bill n ted

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    Dedicated to Sassy Susy Q... You get me really going baby ❤❤❤

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    🍉💥 ABSOLUTELY 💥⚡

  • James Williams
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    Brian has one of the worst voices ever! Angus, Malcolm and Phil are the backbone of this great tune ‼️

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    Is golden music

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    That's what she said...

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    AC/DC your music is so loud you couldn't hear the crowd clapping

  • Mandi Stewart
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    Brian Johnson

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    I am one of those maniacs hanging onto the cage behind the band in this video. Good times. \m/ \m/

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  • Melissa Evans
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    Just when I think I’ve heard my favorite AC/DC song, it switches to the next tract and I fall in♥️all over again!

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    Brian Johnson

  • Mandi Stewart
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    BRIAN Johnson

  • Mandi Stewart
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    great music

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    Rachel Levy and DjKilLaBee...

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  • Melissa Evans
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    I honestly don’t think I’ve heard an AC/DC song I don’t like yet, Bon or Brian makes none remind to me.

  • Melissa Evans

    Melissa Evans

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    I me no never mind oopps

  • Derrick Roy
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    Hi ( AC/DC) fans this song was played in the movie ( Battleship ). Awesome movie Awesome song. 😎🎛🎶🎧🔊.

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    My after seeing a hot women

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    Cuarentena ? 2020? Diciembre? AcDc💨💨

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    my blood is boiling with that rhythm \m/

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    Top !

  • vyprava
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    Wa have ours! ACDC at czech TV:) zhanks for all guys specialeteletly Radek) They keep a honor and plays as hard as rock:)

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    Anyone else out there using AC/DC to help get you through 2020?

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    Bon Scott is the front man king drinker just like me

  • Jimmy
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  • Живко Илиев
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    Rockkkk, sexxx and nice beer..

  • Живко Илиев

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    Мерси! И на теб желая всичко добро! Най-вече здраве....

  • Dimitar Panaytov

    Dimitar Panaytov

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    @Живко Илиев Съгласен съм и няма да споря с теб!Жив и здрав!

  • Живко Илиев

    Живко Илиев

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    Еее, чак пък завинаги...нашия Георги Минчев да не е по-лош от тях... Царство му небесно!

  • Dimitar Panaytov

    Dimitar Panaytov

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    I play AC DC hard as a rock I play it on guitar

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    3vr men's love

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    Angus on a wrecking ball was something I didn’t know I needed until I had it.

  • Guilherme Cesár
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    Someone out there listening in 2020 when Quarantine.

  • Ben Anderson
    Ben Anderson3 חודשים לפני this where Miley Cyrus got the whole wrecking ball bit from?

  • jack mckenna
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    malcolm i miss you so much.. my musical hero..

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    So hard lol

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    Altas música eu curto várias vezes tenho 49 anos urussanga sc Brasil

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    Viagra ads be like

  • Shariq C
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    Electrc shockkkkk round round patatoes

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    Phil on point here!

  • Ronald
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    Weird to hear that dry sound in a `live´ situation

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    This is my jam

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    Acdc is back♥♥

  • Cata Moreira
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    Brian Johnson nació para cantar en esta banda! AC/DC se creó para que Brian Johnson cante en esta banda! Es la combinación perfecta!

  • Tamara Friley
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    Best band ever in history and still sounds good!! Great memories!! Houston, TX Still rocking out...

  • Kev's A B L Productions
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    I'm not happy that Brian had a baseball cap on in the video :D

  • Mark Thomas
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    Going to one of their concerts should be on every music lovers bucket list!!!!!!

  • Luke Stocks
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    Released the day before I turned 18. What a memorable song and time.

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    ACDC shake the pillars of heaven when they play that is all

  • Ron Collum
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    Acdc is and always will be the best in the world second in this world would be without a doubt zz top I love them both highly beyond words could ever say sincerely Ron collum

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    im just gunna run the books and shit down their neck

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    fuckin gets me so bad 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

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    When you realise that this rock legende singer is actual a raven

  • Yesheg Sherab
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    Máster Piece!!

  • na ar
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    Iconic intro!!! AC DC forever!!!😘

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    PUAs: i'm easy like sunday morning Me: ...

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    you better believe it

  • ty riedle
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    U guys can still rock

  • Chase 99
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    That wrecking ball should've went through Kanye wests office instead and saved the world so they could listen to actual music like this

  • Marius Simion
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    I remember i was 14 years old when a went to a gym for the first time and this was the song in inte backround

  • Paul Murray
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    Needs moar Teal and Orange! Props to Angus for wearing purple.

  • Marita Ulmanen
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    Kiitos paljon

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  • Mrs. J Knapp
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    🍀Diamond cutter 👑 Queen!! 🥒💋

  • Woodtick Antler Crew
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    Look how long angus’s hair is !

  • Chrisike -
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    best thing to listen during online classes

  • Chris Vartivarian
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    Why is every fucking song so damn good by AC/DC!!.....

  • Gabe bass man Addison

    Gabe bass man Addison

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    @One Life they are still great and literally just released a new great album 😁🔥

  • Chris Vartivarian

    Chris Vartivarian

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    @One Life Yes their concerts are something else... I need to go again when they do their Power Up Tour!

  • Vickie Ross
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    Bon Scott & Brian Johnson. I like both of them.

  • TVRandomVideos
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    For all the kiddies watching, yes, the song is about exactly what you're thinking

  • иван грабарев
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    Angys eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeree

  • Hawks
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    The next song on my mix is “Yummy down on this” 😂🤘

  • Aaron Olson
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    Wtf is he singing about?

  • Make Marital Arts
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    Único anúncio que parei para ver: RockBorn!!!

  • Ed. Paul
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    Angus coming out of that wrecking ball for his solo like Daayyyummm!! 🤘🤩🤘 That was badass! 😎 *AC/DC* forever! ⚡

  • Tony Mate Generation 60s
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    Elections? Politicians? 🤔 Vote for Rock in this gray, pale, weak, sick, tired, frightened to death, crazy miserable century of just crappie noise...🥁🤘🏻✌️🏻