AC/DC - Rock the Blues Away (Official Video)


Music video by AC/DC performing Rock the Blues Away. (C) 2015 Leidseplein Presse, B.V.


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    Возвращение к Зинчуку! Однозначно!

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    Зачем солист все время в трусах? Я недавно пересмотрел все хиты... Ну зачем?? Голая срамота... Ну десяток рифов толковых... Разочаровался!

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  • S. Nuytiens
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    The best ! Love them 😍

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    Looks like Anything Goes from Black Ice. Tow gret tracks

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    Don’t care what anyone says I love this album p.s there’s a lady in the audience that’s looks Rosie from whole lotta Rosie

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    Vi amo italy

  • Tiziana Solera

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  • john ralston
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    fabby one of the best ever, love you boys, keep rocking please

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    Blues is the healer 💙💙💙

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    genious song.. greatest ever

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    NUMBER 1

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    The essence of raw Rock and Roll definitely one of the best bands ever ...hail to AC DC

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    Angus Young is the best guitarist in the would

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    Killer song never noticed pick scrape at 3.01 mins. Dean AUstralia

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    I love listening to this song. What a magic vibe.

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    Well my friend. I guess I’ll see ya again some day keep rockin. Rip.

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  • Dee Harris
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    I've been rockin'these guy's music scene the 70's . Think I'm gonna rock their music to the end. ✊😈🤘 Who's with me?

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    Thank you AC/DC.

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    When you're drummer is under house arrest for trying to have someone killed there's only one man to call. That man... Is CHRIS SLADE!! (Paid for by the committee for a drug-free America)

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  • David May
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    One of the best ACDC songs ever

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  • Nur Videos mit Papa und mir
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    Belleza de tema una joya ACDC

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    The greatest Rock'n'Roll Band ever. In line with Beatles and Rolling Stones. 😎🤸‍♂️👍

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    Ребята, песня удачная блюз-роковая песня на русском языке

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    Esse é bao memo 👍🤠vem pra cá brasil🇧🇷🎸🎸🎸🎸

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    I love these guys. Always have. Seen me in 88, . Cinderella was opening act and they asked for i.d. to buy booze. My friend and I both were underage, 18 and 19 but a guy got it for us. The party w as on . Good times. Miss am but still jam to acdc everyday. Never too old for them. How do u spell rock n roll? Ac/dc!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Essa música é muito boa . Feliz e contagiante .

  • Eckerö Böttarna
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    I remember when i was young and I loved ac dc cus my mom always played it in her car and this was my favourite and I also remember that i singed quiet to my self and when im thinking about that i laugh But i NEVER going to forget Ac⚡Dc

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    Drivin' in my car Headed for the local bar Pickin' up my girl tonight Everything is gonna be alright Shootin' pool with my friends Smokin' cigarettes Tellin' jokes out loud We're laughing way too proud And we rock it And we roll it And we're laughing And we're joking And we roll it Baby we roll it, roll it, We won't get the blues because we Rock the blues away Up all night and day Drink the night away Until the light of day And when I'm on the way back home I listen to the radio I hear some great rock sounds That make you wanna sing out loud And we rock it And we roll it And we're laughing And we're joking And we roll it Baby we're rockin' and rollin', We won't get the blues because we Rock the blues away Up all night and day Drink the night away Until the light of day Rock the blues away Up all night and day Drink the night away Until the light of day, yeah yeah Rock the blues away Up all night and day Drink the night away Until the light of day

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    Viva AC DC la concha de dios!!!!!

  • James Van Hest
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    The thing I love about AC/DC is that they make me feel like I've been friends with them for years, even though I haven't met them. I feel like I'm having a conversation with them when I watch stuff like interviews even though I've never been able to say anything to them. They always puts a smile on my face and make me happy, ever since I first got into AC/DC before I could walk. thank you AC/DC. You've inspired me as a 17 year old to pick up my guitar, microphone, drums and bass and give it my best shot to make more rock n roll in the world.

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    Rock and roll forever.......

  • Teresa Rainey
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    I've been listening to these guys since I was 15 yrs old. They just keep getting better and better! Not one of their songs are sad or depressing, seen me in 89 at the omni in atlanta. My friend jill and I had a blast! After all, how do you spell rock n roll? Ac/dc!!!!!! Am i right? Yes, i am and yall know it! Lol keep rocking ac/dc. RIP malcolm .

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    I think listen this song is the better way to end a bad day.

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    Ac⚡️Dc : canaliza o stress em paz, bem estar, ... 🤘🙌🏼👊🤜🤛😎

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    Poland 2021😈🎸😈

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    Ну давайте старички. Удачи вам.

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    phil is the best

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    Best fucking band on the planet.

  • Mad Jake Jr.
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    I really miss Malcom.

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    Música Feliz

  • Deninho jovi
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    Essa música é muito boa . Bem animada .

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    Música gostosa valeu Ac DC

  • Deninho jovi

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    Música feliz

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    Rock or Bust in 2014-2016? Nearly bust ; but back in 2020 with Brian & Phil, so drinks all round! They'll see Covid 19 / Corona virus off, you'll see!

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  • Andrew White
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    The small stage, reminds me of the Fly on the wall vids

  • Tom Cobb
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    Greatest band of all time

  • Take Nop
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    Still Feels like they are growing up... no « getting older » thing ..

  • Ростик Пилипенко
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    Слухаю і балдію від АCDC 45 років

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    This song just makes me wanna have a tasty bevie or ten.

  • Kuba R
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    Highlway go Bell acdc

  • Kuba R
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    highlway go hell

  • Steven Weiler
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    Your not Aussie if you dont like AC/DC and like it loud

  • kirk henson
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    Greatest true to rock band around , rock on brothers rock on 🤘

  • Henrik Jildermark
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    Sweden looove

  • Bekir bbayburt
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    0:54 Rosie was there!

  • Sport Billi
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    Nicht mehr der eigentliche Stil von AC / DC ..eher von Brain dem Sänger

  • R V
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    02:11 am party just started ,thx AC⚡️DC best band best boys

  • Hunter West
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    Holy shit I slept on this album! Thank God for the new Power Up album!! I feel like it will definitely make people appreciate this one even more! Keep rocking brothers!

  • M. FM.
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    Would be sick to have small acdc shows these days

  • Armin Naschberger
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    Hier ein musikalischer Gruß vom Achensee:

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    When your grandad rocks harder than you

  • Kevin Beaugez
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    This will be a classic someday

  • Alvaro Oldenburg
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    ACDC is the best

  • ColdBeer555
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    So Phil Rudd was in the Play Ball video and Chris Slade is in the Rock the Blues Away video

  • Dee Harris
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    I've been rockin this bands music scene the 70's. back when Bon Scott was with them. I'm still rockin there music today.

  • Betty Craven
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    They are great

  • zbyszek tomasz. mikol
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  • Azd
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    where`s Phil ?

  • desgar aleas
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    Super bon toone

  • Sherwood Limback
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    By far the best 4 man rock n roll band

  • Thomas Noebbe
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    Ist öffentlich fertig

  • Andy Diamond
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    There are a lot of good things in life. ACDC is one of them.

  • Steve James
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    Jesus Christ how good would it be to be that close to Angus!!!

  • Lorena Núñez
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    I love you guys ❤️😱

  • Kimberley Taylor
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    Chris Slade vs Phil Rudd WHO is better drummer

  • maxpower


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    Technically probably Chris, but Phil has the swing that ACDC simply are

  • Kimberley Taylor
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    Its very disgraceful how they treated Chris Slade in my mind he is a better drummer then Phil Rudd



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    No. He is not.

  • Jim Vinson
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    What album was this on?

  • maxpower


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    Rock or Bust

  • Lisa Ragan
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    Im taking my cell with AC/DC hooked up to a load speaker to my coffin and rock heaven

  • Ronald
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    Way too similar to Anything Goes, throwaway lyrics, over produced... But goddamn it´s too catchy to dislike. Damn you AC/DC

  • Giannis Simitzis
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    Look how calm Brian looks in the thumbnail

  • IV Tones
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    Jesus Loves You

  • Gersld Miller
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    I want arsdio in my an coffin

  • Darrenprender
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    How on earth was this 5 years ago already 😅

  • Nikolai Panizovets
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  • María Faya
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    Anything goes

  • Tiê Felix
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    Best rock n roll band of the world

  • P0werjuicer
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    the right song in this time

  • Salvador Martinez
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    Simplemente hermoso

  • anete anetuļa
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    Viss labākie!

  • Marco's Music Channel
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    Imaging them playing a real concert on a tiny stage live that!