Do You Love Me?

מדע וטכנולוגיה

Our whole crew got together to celebrate the start of what we hope will be a happier year: Happy New Year from all of us at Boston Dynamics.


  • Дима Закрутик
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    Я сначала подумал настоящие

  • umineko morio
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    いつもながらこういったことのイメージ戦略はアメリカにかなわないね。 銃を持たせれば最強の武器になるものもユニークで親しみやすく見せちゃう。怖いけどすごい。 ラピュタのロボット兵みたいに殺戮の道具にされず、ヒタキの巣を守れるような存在になってくれたらいいんだけど。

  • jajajajja


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    La tuya por si acaso

  • Camperboy
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    Кто-то явно смешивал различные сорта машинного масла.

  • Андрей Курсакосюв
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    Это очень прикольно

  • Zidane Tribal
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    Когда инженерам скучно)

  • xenophonBC
    xenophonBC29 דקות לפני freddie sucks..

  • hamasa ahmed
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    This may not exactly be what people in the 1900s predicted for 2020, but hey it’s robots dancing to ‘do you love me’ what more does humanity possibly need? :D

  • sun and moon
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    Nice moves rocks

  • dio52
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    Why does the birdbot remind me of the broom dog from Alice in Wonderland?

  • 1978samsung
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    how many takes took it? for sure the 2 leged ones fell off some times. but its really great!

  • Kalavakus
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    man imagine being an intern and you walk in, first day on the job, excited to start working with advanced ai and stuff, walk into the testing area and you just see all the robots jammin’.

  • Max von Clausewitz
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    beautiful performance guys

  • Konstadinos Zianos
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    i want to work there!!!!

  • 요시카게백지
    요시카게백지שעה לפני cute. I like that.

  • SAFenfold
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    I need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle

  • Rich Chaineux

    Rich Chaineux

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    You forgot to say please ...

  • johj doj
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    Well I for one welcome our new robot overlords

  • Dmi
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    not real, just computer graphics

  • Bharath R

    Bharath R

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    @Dmi i did not expect a lengthy reply i thought you were a kid

  • Micheal Beckett

    Micheal Beckett

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  • Dmi


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    @Bharath R I'm not sure that's how it works. I'm talking about the dependence of the age of the company on the quality of development of something. Maybe you can roll out to me a proof of the dependence of the age of the company on the development of something, and even where the dependence of the age on what you can just write. You can just roll out a special case of the dependence of the age of the company and the development of robots. But I would still like a general case. Lol, like, cheburek.

  • Bharath R

    Bharath R

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    The company was founded in 1992. Don't you think they can do this with 28 years of research and development (i could have wrote R and D but i think you are too dumb to understand)

  • Luke Snellen

    Luke Snellen

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    It's real.

  • Yeah Nigga'
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    I hate you 😉

  • bio
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    ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 로봇들 줜나 귀엽네

  • I like Raymond

    I like Raymond

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    그러게 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Халигали
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    То чувство, когда робот танцует лучше тебя?! )) 🙃

  • Luke Snellen

    Luke Snellen

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    It does not feel bad.

  • I like Raymond

    I like Raymond

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    Хахххааахх жиза

  • Santa Tracker Fun
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    Jeez, every now and then, someone comments/views this video. Where are the original comments?!

  • Leisure Comments
    Leisure Commentsשעה לפני

    These are more examples of emasculating men. Now girls will go crazy over robots that can shake their hip 24 hrs.

    KWON TEK JlUNGשעה לפני

    Look for all inside of robots. It can look to be fake. Fake shine more than genuine at out side.

  • Off World TV
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  • jamie k
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    I, for one, welcome our new robotic overlords.

  • Anxious Samurai
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    Somewhere on Mars, in the Grim Darkness of the Far Future, the Mechanicum is very upset about this abominable intelligence.

  • bodoti qwiu
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    Better every time I watch it!

  • Pufferfox Pufferfox
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    so is this cgi or all robots are real? the movement of the dog is inasne

  • Luke Snellen

    Luke Snellen

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    It's real.

  • Coolrogers90


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    regarding all the other videos and tests, seems real. 🤔

  • N Clark
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    When A robot can dance better than me! Absolutely amazing!

  • Akash A
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    Hmmm....Looks like its recommendation time

  • Toland El Destintado
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    - "Mom, I want some robots" - "We already have robots at home" The robots at home:

  • Bharath R

    Bharath R

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    Thats not how that meme is supposed to work

  • bodoti qwiu

    bodoti qwiu

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    Oh yeah get it I guess

  • ssa hoi
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  • John Raymond Peterson
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    I don't even dance that well. Congrats Boston Dynamics !

  • Алекs NSK
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    Бля. лучше меня ...

  • Стоп кремлебот

    Стоп кремлебот

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    @Побережнюк Александр Ну конечно, человек который центрует колёса шайбами, даже представить не может, насколько продвинулась робототехника в загнивающем западе

  • Побережнюк Александр

    Побережнюк Александр

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    Это графика!

  • Maj-Britt Högström
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    Do they have hearts too? 🌷💕

    AN GAMING2 שעות לפני

    Is it a human or a robot?...🤔🤔

  • Akash A

    Akash A

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    Its real robots bruh...Watch their other videos

  • Ken Regan
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  • Joel jr Sentsho
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    Damn these robots can dance better than me🤣

  • ExoTech
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    GLaDOS is gonna be proud

  • Vocalpro International
    Vocalpro International3 שעות לפני

    So when are you gonna build this into the Whitney Cummings robot and install a fleshlight? Seems like the future is upon us.

  • Boyer Industries
    Boyer Industries3 שעות לפני

    What a time to be alive.

  • Boyer Industries
    Boyer Industries3 שעות לפני

    “You can tell it’s real because it looks so fake” -Elon Musk

  • Gehrman Firsthunter
    Gehrman Firsthunter3 שעות לפני

    The 360 no-scope and subsequent tea-bag video will be out this Fall.

  • Parth Parekh
    Parth Parekh3 שעות לפני

    You vs the one she says not to worry about

  • Konqueror
    Konqueror3 שעות לפני

    I want to see these robots roam our streets with Tesla-like super hi-definition cameras (especially the robo-doggy) and provide security at night; log license plates; and utilize facial recognition software; track down car thieves within 30 minutes. Maybe they can be armed later, too. So many possibilities. We have the technology to stop or significantly reduce nearly 90% of crimes right now.

  • Faraz Forghan Parast

    Faraz Forghan Parast

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    Definitely need to watch Robocop (1987) or its relatively tame 2014 remake again.

  • Vocalpro International

    Vocalpro International

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    @Konqueror 😂😂😂😂😂🤘

  • Konqueror


    2 שעות לפני

    ​@Vocalpro International you have issues.

  • Vocalpro International

    Vocalpro International

    2 שעות לפני

    @Konqueror agreed. Then if they still don't comply, they could unleash like a nail gun. Shoot em with brads and stick them to whatever is closest until a legion of drones come to elevate them to the nearest detention centre.

  • Konqueror


    2 שעות לפני

    Imagine air dropping one of these things to any location via UAV and it hits the ground running looking for a suspect(s) in a kidnapping, burglary, larceny, murder, or just doesn't look right. How about search & rescue with the capability to search up to 7 days continuously on a single charge?

  • Chamomile Tea
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    Oh yeah get it I guess

  • Curious1ne Ueckeka
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    Better every time I watch it!

  • Vinz Samonte
    Vinz Samonte3 שעות לפני

    Is this real? I dont know if this is real or not

  • Vinz Samonte

    Vinz Samonte

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    They made robots dance smoothly and I never thought its possible

  • Vinz Samonte

    Vinz Samonte

    2 שעות לפני

    omg, BostonDynamics is Amazing!

  • Ahanu Casey

    Ahanu Casey

    3 שעות לפני

    Pretty sure it's real. It helps if you watch it in the highest resolution, otherwise it really seems fake but i don't think they did. Not sure though.

  • Luke Snellen

    Luke Snellen

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  • Alan Martínez Rodríguez
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    This is getting scary 😨

  • Luke Snellen

    Luke Snellen

    3 שעות לפני


  • TheInfamousDope
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    Next step: Team up with the best AI tech company

  • i s
    i s3 שעות לפני

    We are living in the right era in history.

  • ReadTheShrill
    ReadTheShrill3 שעות לפני

    Tour guest: "Wow, you have a dance studio for your employees?" Tour guide: "Uh... Yeah... for our employees. Anyway, moving on..."

  • one23007 one23007
    one23007 one230073 שעות לפני

    This company sold to the Korea Company in 12/2020.

  • Its morphed
    Its morphed3 שעות לפני

    Jesus. Last time i saw these they were attached to cables so they wouldnt fall over . They will be policing us soon .

  • Elon Musk
    Elon Musk4 שעות לפני

    I'd like to make him my waifu

  • aman gadpale
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    Japanese : Disney movie 🍿

  • jfdd43
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    I knew the singularity was coming, I had no idea it would be this sexy...

  • Khalid
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    Black mirror anyone........

  • Mahmoud Zeineldin
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    This just came into evreyons recommended

  • luniz 420
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    so wholesome. so terrifying.

  • Miku Chan
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    Halguien español :)

  • Luke Snellen

    Luke Snellen

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    Hola 👋

  • Pablo eze Navarro

    Pablo eze Navarro

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    Jajaja somos los únicos parece jajaj

  • Pablo eze Navarro

    Pablo eze Navarro

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    Si yooo

  • Elvis DAWSON
    Elvis DAWSON4 שעות לפני

    I'm really shame to view guys not even mentioning me and my daddy came here in 1957 U guys suck

  • doctorbsd
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    2:39 "Swan Lake" in Russia is a bad omen...

  • Elvis DAWSON
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    We saw you one CFP R news but my name was not mentioned my daddy was the biggest thing in rock and roll history and you mentioned motown

  • SlaaMyen
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    I literally thought this was animated in 3D

  • Baan Joe
    Baan Joe5 שעות לפני

    5years ago, we could see the dancing robot in cartoon. Now this...

  • RhapsodyRain
    RhapsodyRain5 שעות לפני

    This is going to be the song that plays when robots take over and have culled the human race, they shall dance like that.

  • SKM
    SKM5 שעות לפני

    Almost 1 million likes

  • prasanna Kumar
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  • Ethan Och
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    Boston Dynamics never ceases to amaze me.

  • RA
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    suddenly its being recommended to everyone

  • Real Shmooie
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    Teach them to shoot

  • Pathfinder
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    these robots got the DRIP

  • TXdoxieluv
    TXdoxieluv5 שעות לפני

    Something is very surreal about this...

  • Henry Duong
    Henry Duong5 שעות לפני

    I can't wait for the robot take over

  • Laura Galbraith
    Laura Galbraith5 שעות לפני


  • 6pan
    6pan5 שעות לפני

    Cave Johnson we're done here

  • Cave Johnson

    Cave Johnson

    5 שעות לפני

    @Real Shmooie "Alright this next test may involve trace amounts of time travel. So, word of advice: If you meet yourself on the testing track, don't make eye contact. Lab boys tell me that'll wipe out time. Entirely. Forward and backward. So do both of yourselves a favor and just let that handsome devil go about his business."

  • Cave Johnson

    Cave Johnson

    5 שעות לפני

    @Real Shmooie I'm all for that

  • Real Shmooie

    Real Shmooie

    5 שעות לפני

    I can already see the headlines “Boston dynamics gets hands on moon rocks to make portals” “Boston dynamics changes name to aperture science”

  • Raw Bacon
    Raw Bacon6 שעות לפני

    Guess they can replace TikTok Nurses.

  • Anxious Samurai

    Anxious Samurai

    שעה לפני

    I'll be happy when literally anything replaces Tik Tok Nurses. We get it, you're a nurse who can dance, NOW GET BACK TO WORK!

  • Kevin Bartelme
    Kevin Bartelme6 שעות לפני

    This is NOT green screen dancers combined with CGI. It's the real thing, just like Jurassic Park!

  • Влад 77 регион
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    Вот именно так они и будут танцевать на ваших черепах! 🤖💀

  • 6pan


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    Sorry I don't speak operation barbarossa

  • Ken Regan
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  • 6pan


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  • Kiomoh
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    this got me Shrek movie ending vives

  • SKM


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  • Vlad16
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    Why does this remind me of sky net before it went online...

  • Real Shmooie

    Real Shmooie

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    Because it is

  • Никс
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  • Carolyn Thackray
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    I’m just take back by watching this video. What an amazing concept of what is achievable Through the AI.

  • 3fxz
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    you wont be dancing around when we strap bombs to them

  • w sedlacek
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    They dance better than me

  • Odie Guan Hock
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    this is robot abuse. reported



    4 שעות לפני

    When reported? Where reported? What broadcast reported please? Thank you!

  • Daniel Fortunato
    Daniel Fortunato6 שעות לפני

    Montagem fake

  • Graham Cornwell
    Graham Cornwell7 שעות לפני

    Is this real?!

  • Real Shmooie

    Real Shmooie

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    @KWON TEK JlUNG I’ll give you full credit when my microwave doesn’t spare me

  • Real Shmooie

    Real Shmooie

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    @KWON TEK JlUNG robot abuse? They robots bruh.



    6 שעות לפני

    @i doc l am sorry. This is robot abuse. Reported please.

  • Ronto Goldlust

    Ronto Goldlust

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    Yes, it is real. These robots are intended to work in industrial environments, but Boston Dynamics can have some fun with them too. :D

  • i doc

    i doc

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    Kwon Tek Jiung: It is not fake. The robots are really doing this. Do some research on Boston Dynamics and the work they are doing before dismissing something as fake. I know it looks like computer-generated stuff you might see in the movies, but they have actually programmed these robots to do this. You can even BUY one of the yellow "dog" robots for $75,000.

  • Bálint Bukta
    Bálint Bukta7 שעות לפני

    This is probably the greatest thing I've seen this year so far... Amazing! :)

  • mayte
    mayte7 שעות לפני

    Humans: train hours and hours to have the coordination to dance Robots: haha do you love me

  • Ian Phipps
    Ian Phipps7 שעות לפני

    this is the dance the robots will do when the exterminate the human race

  • Ralph Umana
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    I love this!

  • St.Castle
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    Robot rights

  • Nmason7665
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    Soooooo.... has anyone heard of the game Generation Zero? The future is nigh.

  • Susan Virginia Lee

    Susan Virginia Lee

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    Awesome in a very weird, wonderful way!

  • humphrey707
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    How many hours of code did this take?

  • Laura Galbraith

    Laura Galbraith

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    I read online that it took 18 months for them to program all those steps!!

  • yamato memorit
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    they hava hearts

  • Mas Dio
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    Abused robot

  • Mael Grandcolas
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    C'est terrifiant !!!!