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Production Company: Residency+Paradoxal (@residency_and_paradoxal)
Director: Alan Ferguson (@alanfergusonrolep)
Executive Producer: Gaetan Rousseau (@gaetannyc)
1st AD: Samantha Light (@fotograffitti)
2nd AD: Achille Vanderhaegen (@brucewillis_underground)
Production Manager: Panita Chanrasmi-Lefebvre (@panitapravda)
Production Coordinator: Sebastien Le Coz (@blargghhh)
COVID Compliance Officer: Dori Jaramillo (@_itswhatevz)
Asst COVID Compliance Officer: Annabella Mull (@vvyyv)

Choreographer: Jemel McWilliams (@jemelmcwilliams)
Assistant Choreographer: Dionne Figgins (@msdfiggs)

Shauna Harley (@Harleyperspective)
Marielys Molina (@Marielysmolina77)
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Sax (Young): Preston Washington (@preston.washington)
Bass: Ben Williams (@benwmsonbass)
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Director of Photography: Adrien Bertolle (@adrien_bertolle)
1st AC: Gregoire Albertini (@gregoire.alb)
B Cam Operator: Diana Eliazov
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DIT/BTS: Dutty Vannier (@dutty_the_french)
Sound Mixer/Playback: Nathan Bonetto (@bricks_theme)

Gaffer: Dave Reichmann (@wavey_photo)
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Production Designer: Rebekka Fellah (@bexsue)
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Make Up Artist: Chichi Saito (@chichisaito)
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Hair Stylist: Naoko Suzuki (@glambynaoko)
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Wardrobe Stylist: Wintter Alex (@wintteralex)
Wadrobe Assistant: Khleo Armstrong (@khleo.a)
Truck PA: Irakli Kurdiani (@iraklikurdiani)
Set PA: Matt Christie (@matt_christie)
Set PA: Taylor Danielberg (@taylordanielberg)
Set PA: Dylan Henderson (@Dylanjhenderson)
Set PA: Mackay Mumford (@m4ckaym)

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  • Chicha Cramaro
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    Y la ruluda nunca se decidía...

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    LOVE THIS! 💕💕💕😘

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    por fin ILmem esta mejorando con sus recomendaciones

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  • Via heroica del loco hermitano
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    Excelente trabajo, bravo!!!

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    I loved!

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    The ending of this video is Ahhahah

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    How cool is this sound!!! ?? So awesome 😎

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    Its like pharrel's happy song 😆 it will be in my playlist

  • Sandy Faye
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    Jon Batiste!!! Bro we need u in this world to make AMAZING MUSIC!!! Thank u for ur love man!!

  • Ron Downy
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    I want to see Jon in movies!!!! Make it happen!

  • Ron Downy
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    I needed that. Thank you, Jon

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    My goodnessss

  • Benji Pesci
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    Seeing him on the late show you could just tell there was so much depth. Kudos

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    coolest music video this year 2021..lovin it..

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    Such talent.....Love his nod to Andre3000

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    Okey I'm obsessed now

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    3:08 realllll BANGGGGG!!

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    Just incredible entertainer....👌👌👌👌👌

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    That Double Bass is Life!

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    If you like this, I also suggest checking out electro swing! Good artists include Caravan Palace and Caro Emerald!

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    GR8 fun video & song JB!

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    this dude never stops thanking God...

  • Sir GlubGlub
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    bro the poor manager at of the museum or whatever it was must've been annoyed yet amazed at the same time

  • Ulrich Bosquet
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    Man, that song just wake me up......

  • DaVax IsDaMark
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    The snakefang full of poison aka the shot in the arm for covidlie is the mark of the beast. If you take it you will belong to satan for all eternity. Your future will be eternal damnation. Once saved always saved and the pretrib rapture are lies from Hell and is fooling people and they are taking the kill shot and will be eternally doomed. Please do not take it please please please JESUS does not want you putting that abomination in your body. IT will destroy your body which is the temple of GOD. Repent people and turn to JESUS for HE is the way to LIFE not some jab. Turn to JESUS NOW the end is here!! If you've already taken it, all I can say to you is ,you fell for the lie and the great delusion and may GOD have mercy on your lost soul!

  • DaVax IsDaMark

    DaVax IsDaMark

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    @dykewazowski turn to JESUS, HE LOVES YOU

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    what the hell-

  • Viktorija Buklajeva
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    Omg Jon I always love your bit in Stephen Colbert show , such a good energy from you always, that's why I'm here! ❤️🔥

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    Very cool stylish musicien!

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    Love love love it definitely a New Orleans thing they will never understand.

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    What a bright light in my day! THNX

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    Mikia Lewis9 ימים לפני

    I pray more young black artists go back to the 50s and 60s for music I couldn't imagine being able to listen to that music without the oppression without the having to sit in the back without not being able to drink out of a specific water fountain we were so robbed and if more people made music like the 60s and '70s and '80s without all the racism it would be almost like heaven on Earth for me please never stop making this music

  • Niki NOSN20
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    John is insanely talented!!! Wow! I love it!

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    Thank you for giving us Jon Batiste as he is definitely joy incarnate ☝️

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    Di-toe! how this Jams!!!!! my Lord how this lifts the spirit! Love ya JB!!!!

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    Love the token white dancers!!

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    this wonderful positive lovely heartfully and grand musician...thank you for beein you

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    Dee Murphy10 ימים לפני

    If You need a shot in the arm to make your day special - just watch this video. JB is so multi talented; not only rhythm , a great voice, pianist like no other - but best of all - "the soul of this man" is so inspiring. I'm hooked!!!

  • Judy Carr
    Judy Carr10 ימים לפני

    Had never heard you till tonight on American Idol. I am now a fan! God Bless You!🙏✝️🎤🎼🎵🎹🤗

  • Samori Williams
    Samori Williams11 ימים לפני

    I swear he came from the 60s or something.

  • Maira Leite Silva
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    Otis vibes

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    That was precious.

  • charlene jamison
    charlene jamison14 ימים לפני

    I became a fan of Jon Baptiste when I became an avid watcher of the The Late Show with Stephen Colbert years ago. His musical genius was evident in his job as the musical director on the show. I’m SO PROUD of his recent Oscar win and all of the recognition he so genuinely deserves! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

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    Congrats on your Oscar win. You truly deserved it 😊👍

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    Awesome song and awesome video!

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    Prince Naveen and Tiana

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    It's awesome how Jon combined the old with the new. speaking of awesome, check out this retro of Motown's Supremes:

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