Koh Echsof Noam


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Koh Echsof Noam · Yosef Moshe Kahana
Lchaim Tish 1
℗ 2005, Yosef Moshe Kahana
Released on: 2018-06-11
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  • צהלה סלומון
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    השראה לקבל פני שבת באהבה וכמיהה

  • קרן זילברמן
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  • xplanish
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    Translation anyone??

  • שלומי ורמשטיין
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  • Regina
    Regina7 חודשים לפני

    Very nice Song! After i put on dreadlocks in 1986, the RasTafarians taught me to keep the dubble Shabat of the Tewadeo-Church. The Tewahedo-Church honours the 10 Commandments on Shabat, and on sunday morning they honour YeshuaKing,s Resurrection. I obeyed and found out something: It is obvious that the CREATOR created SPECIAL Shabat-Angels, that FLY OVER TO BLESS the humans, that pray to the CREATOR. I can not see them, but feel them, when they fly over Holland on Saturday afternoon. It is SO IMPORTANT, to keep the Shabat, Moses put it in the 10 Commandments, it is a LAW, a DEEP WISH of the CREATOR to bless us on that day, and we should not look away. Mostly, i play some Melodica-music with godly music from ILmem, i love to receive the Loving Shabat-Angels with MUSIC, i let them know, that i know, that they are flying over. My eyes are opened, thanks to the ethiopian Tewahedo-Church. The CREATOR bless you all near and far!

  • Regina


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    @The Physics Show That is one of the reasons, i joined the ethiopian Tewahedo-Church. They stayed innocent for 2000 years, and respected their Jewish Roots and that is WISDOM. All other Churches failed to ackknowledge the JEWISH NATURE of the Messiah. No matter, those that still wait for Him, are in the same position, then those, who call Yeshua the Son of the CREATOR in Three. We fight against sins, and NOTHING has changed about that. Seen?

  • Regina


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    @Chaim Mendel I live in Arnhem, Holland, and i have to run away from here soon. Some Bigger groep of Nazis pestering me seriously for no reason at all, just because i beleave in the CREATOR, but them are allergic to the CREATOR. Imagine, 66 years old, pension starts, and i have to flee from my city, better from ALL HOLLAND. It,s not safe here any more. So sad. This was such a cool country. Now Nazis and Isis take over here. But Isis have not yet put a Fatwa on me, but those white Nazi-Wolves did NVU PARTY, two years ago. They warned me to move away. Funny joke. Isis takes all the houses. Dutch people can not move. Since years all houses go to Isis. There is to much hatred against people of Faith now. Beter i move out and start new somewhere else. I will have 860 euro a month soon, very little money for an expensive country like Holland. I am so worried about the future. The Nazi-Fatwa from the NVU is bad, already two years, and they hunt me with dogs too. The big dogs are Roman Mastiffs. The Nazis feed them with human meet, to make them scharp. But they have also little dogs with Hiv-Aids, and when they bite, the person can get Hiv-Aids and will NEVER KNOW later, where he/she got it from. Those NVU people are really mean. And they work together with Isis. They meet here in my area, ISIS+ NAZIS. Isis puts all the cars on fire, then the Nazis come and ,,save,, the Arnhem people. I am talking about some really dangerous people here, and they want to take over like they did before. It is nearly unpossible to keep a Shabat here. The Nazi-Kids ring my door all day, shouting vile things, they learned from their evil parents. Oh GOD, i keep the faith, and i keep cool with the help of Prayers. Yet, i do not know to which country i must flee, it has to be cheaper then Holland or Germany. I must make some big descions pretty soon.

  • Chaim Mendel

    Chaim Mendel

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    that's pretty cool! far out. what country are you?