Lucifer Season 5 Part 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix


It's time to meet your new maker! Lucifer is back with eight thrilling new episodes. Season 5 Part 2 premieres May 28th.
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Lucifer Season 5 Part 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix
Lucifer makes a tumultuous return to the land of the living in hopes of making things right with Chloe. A devil’s work is never done.


  • KoolYetU
    KoolYetU6 דקות לפני

    This show is my life

  • Amit Kolachina
    Amit Kolachina6 דקות לפני

    Is it only me who wants charlette back badly , atleast a cameo would do ❤️❤️

  • Amanat Illahi
    Amanat Illahi24 דקות לפני

    Love you

  • varrock4life
    varrock4life37 דקות לפני

    Wow the devil wants to be god how original

  • Rudra Singh
    Rudra Singh50 דקות לפני

    "I am going to be god" Wow 😃😃😃

  • Jenel T
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  • kimbo
    kimbo2 שעות לפני

    i love eve and maze. but. maze and ella. 💔

  • Mrighansh Agarwal
    Mrighansh Agarwal2 שעות לפני

    Dude when it's releasing 🤔🤔

  • Miana B.
    Miana B.3 שעות לפני

    Ayyo this my birthday gift

  • Okie Dokie
    Okie Dokie3 שעות לפני

    Ok, netflix! And after that you should make the second season of "Rush" ! 🙏 Will Rush has to solve his daddy issues too.

  • عّبّـسڪْٱ
    عّبّـسڪْٱ3 שעות לפני

    الله حرامات اسود يو مخلينة ابيض وحلو شوي

  • Michael Gonzalez
    Michael Gonzalez4 שעות לפני

    Only person who would have played god any better would have been Morgan freeman

  • ImLinsks
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  • lifeandlivingit
    lifeandlivingit4 שעות לפני

    Lol God attending therapy/ counselling😁

    GG REESE4 שעות לפני

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    NFFANVIDEOS4 שעות לפני

    Remiel is back.

  • Zuzu zuzu
    Zuzu zuzu5 שעות לפני

    Çok şükür ya

  • UsernameTaken
    UsernameTaken5 שעות לפני

    I don't think Lucifer is going to have a kid with Chloe, at least not this series because we still have all of season 6 to go after 5b, and if you look at the clip, Chloe is standing when Lucifer says he's practicing dad jokes, and then when it cuts back to her giving a sort of disapproving look, she's crouched. He may be saying he's practicing dad jokes in relation to becoming God.

    NFFANVIDEOS5 שעות לפני

    Lucifer introducing his father to his friends: Chloe: Hi. God, I'm Chloe. You probably knew that already. *Dan shakes his hand nervously, stuttering* "Hi.... Hello..... Uh.... Mister.... Uh... It's real nice to meet you." *awkwardly hugs him while still stuttering* Linda: Oh, my God. *smashs the table* I mean, You. *Pokes his arm* Yeah, I don't think I'm ever gonna get used to this. *God smiles* Ella: Oh, my God! It's so amazing to meet you! *hugs God* [Lucifer in his mind] *What the f---*

  • Nctyourangel
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    Lucifer must've taken over directly before 2020 cause something still ain't right😭

  • Okie Dokie

    Okie Dokie

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  • Ailsa Ni
    Ailsa Ni5 שעות לפני

    When they were revealing the god character , I was hoping it would be Morgan Freeman. But this guy works well too.

    NFFANVIDEOS5 שעות לפני

    That teaser from Netflix Portugal was something else.

  • W A L I D 亗
    W A L I D 亗5 שעות לפני

    Hurry up downloading the episodes

    NFFANVIDEOS5 שעות לפני

    Mazifer, everyone!

  • Jesse Stephenson
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  • Ailsa Ni

    Ailsa Ni

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    أستغفر الله

  • StrongGames TV
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    Beste Serie die ich in mein Leben geguckt habe

  • sem Agaev
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  • The Flash Back
    The Flash Back6 שעות לפני

    Oh thank gosh it's finally out.I wonder how powerful the Lucifer GOD is he's probably omnipotent unlike the weak Supernatural god who wasn't even GOD and was probably either universal or multiversal.

  • Percy Olimpo
    Percy Olimpo6 שעות לפני

    Lucifer was told by his father that he should aim to be like Dan... Does this God just WANT Lucifer to hate him?

  • ghost all avina
    ghost all avina6 שעות לפני

    Can't wait for this show to come back

  • AnimateN8
    AnimateN86 שעות לפני

    Just saying, they got the All-State guy because they couldn't get morgan freeman

  • Evan McDowell
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  • Niklaus
    Niklaus7 שעות לפני

    Omg god is comparing lucifer to dan😂😂

  • Den
    Den7 שעות לפני

    He doesn't give off a God vibe at all. Even chuck from supernatural did a better job.

  • Emilia S
    Emilia S7 שעות לפני

    I WANT SEASON 5 PART 2 NOOOOOOOOOW❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Emilia S
    Emilia S7 שעות לפני

    I CAN`T WAIIIIITTTT😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫

    JLBNN7 שעות לפני

    Al fin :D

    MIRZA ROMIZ8 שעות לפני

    So yeah finally 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • عبد العزيز المقصاتي
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    أستغفر الله

  • Bayel Ismailov
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    When relize?

  • tamara
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  • Staze2G
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    Lettttsss gooooo

  • umme salma
    umme salma8 שעות לפני

    Can't wait right 😂

  • Levi Dranoff
    Levi Dranoff8 שעות לפני

    “I’m going to be God” uh that didn’t work so well the first time did it?

  • HaDiYa TaHir
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  • Maham Raza
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  • Chris Dailey
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    It's the Allstate gay

  • Okie Dokie

    Okie Dokie

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  • Siddhart Kumar
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    But when will it release???!!!!!!!!😎

  • Shaik SHABAAZ
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    Realise date pls 😢😢😢

  • scroxop
    scroxop10 שעות לפני

    it would be a lie ???

  • William
    William10 שעות לפני

    I'm so excited

  • Juan Alvarado
    Juan Alvarado10 שעות לפני

    Allstate be lookin hella fine rn

  • Francisca Márquez
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  • My Channel
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    Lucifer is back with bang

  • NRG
    NRG10 שעות לפני

    If Chloe and lucifer separate again and don't have a happily ever after ending, I will sue writers and Netflix 😐✌😂

  • NRG
    NRG11 שעות לפני

    1:55 OK... OK Chloe's clothes are different... Definitely they are in love ... from s2 I guess 😬🤔 Sooo maybe after that he will say but I can say it now or sth like that?!🤞

  • NRG
    NRG11 שעות לפני

    We will see a real fight so interesting to me 😍😱

  • CJ Imperial
    CJ Imperial11 שעות לפני

    "The darker the darkness, the brighter the light." And oh, the three words, meaning ILY? Why would it be a lie though if Lucifer says it ~

  • tarcha tata
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  • Hema Chandran
    Hema Chandran12 שעות לפני

    When they were revealing the god character , I was hoping it would be Morgan Freeman. But this guy works well too.

  • I am officially Censored
    I am officially Censored12 שעות לפני

    0:04 it sounds like thor Ragnarok music

  • Dragoninthewest
    Dragoninthewest12 שעות לפני

    Dude, God will ask us to sign up for Allstate

  • Sumeet Fox
    Sumeet Fox12 שעות לפני

    I love this show 😻😻😻

  • Alyssia R
    Alyssia R13 שעות לפני

    feck of Micheal

  • 35* Rav!ndra Vishwakarma
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    Is this season came in hindi on that day or not ??? Please reply

  • arun arun
    arun arun13 שעות לפני

    Al poli...🦉

  • Dippy the hamster
    Dippy the hamster14 שעות לפני

    His voice be like: AlAn RicKmAn?! iS tHaT yOu?!

  • Praxi subba.
    Praxi subba.14 שעות לפני

    When is it releasing?

    ROBINHOOD ELY14 שעות לפני

    Ajeeb bakwas series hai

  • NRG
    NRG15 שעות לפני

    I just can't wait anymore 😖😬🤩

  • Dillon Meurling
    Dillon Meurling15 שעות לפני

    I have a solid feeling amenadiel will take over as God if God does actually retire

  • Maverick Lampano
    Maverick Lampano15 שעות לפני

    God retires forces his way to Goddess’ dimension. Then Lucifer becomes the new God and Chloe becomes the new Goddess in this reality.

  • Rajendra Kusmayadi
    Rajendra Kusmayadi16 שעות לפני

    Linda is basically a god herself, she consulted the devil and god him self ..

  • Erdem Başçı
    Erdem Başçı16 שעות לפני

    Chloe : You're a terrible father chloe again : respectfully

  • Junaid Khan
    Junaid Khan16 שעות לפני

    Who else think it'd gonna be a master peace and better than all the other seasons?

  • Harrison Murphy
    Harrison Murphy16 שעות לפני

    Bro Just yes

  • LavaCakez
    LavaCakez17 שעות לפני

    PEEP EVE AT 1:41

  • Victor Polevoy
    Victor Polevoy17 שעות לפני

    This is amazing! This show should never end! Please, Netflix, the show has been amazing, and you did a great job with picking it up! Please continue!

  • daniminimo
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  • daniminimo
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    The three words are probably, I’m the devil

  • Ste Ema
    Ste Ema18 שעות לפני

    Wait.. who’s Are those 3 unknown ppl Lucifer is kissing and hugging lol 1:46

  • morgane ___.c
    morgane ___.c18 שעות לפני

    Why don't yall talk about the kiss between Maze and Eve? I'm so happy for my girls 💆🏾‍♀️💖

  • Abhishek allwin
    Abhishek allwin19 שעות לפני

    Can't wait to hit the screens. Ooooh ,scalding hot treat for Luci fans.

  • Angélica Quintero
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  • Just read
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    أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم.

  • Aarav Singh
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    So great season

  • papillon talk
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    مسلسل الحاد من الدرجه الأولي ومثليه جنسيه وشذوذ بصراحه ابليس نفسه ميقدرش يكتب حلقه واحده في المسلسل دا 👿 ندمت اني كنت بتفرج عليه والله 🖤✋

  • smoothie
    smoothie20 שעות לפני

    how is everyone missing the "if i ever said those 3 words to you, it would be a lie" WHY

  • Mauli Pawar creation
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  • Mauli Pawar creation
    Mauli Pawar creation22 שעות לפני

    Thanks for 80 ab 100 karado na please 👇 Nest target 100 🤗 Love you all 😍 Best luck all of you. Jo comments पडते है | उन्हे प्लीज request hai. 🔴

  • master assassin
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    Does this tailer spoil everything

  • Seriousgamer
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    Hello detective..❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Aamer Kastoff
    Aamer Kastoff23 שעות לפני

    The people here using a fictional show based off a fictional comic to vent their real life fury at God because they were not handed everything they demand without earning it is either hilarious or tragic. It's a fictional show. It's your fault your life isn't better. Stop whining about God and build a better life. No, I don't care what you believe so save you atheist or religious crap for Facebook loser. Get off you ass and do something useful. Meanwhile enjoy the fictional show. Again F.I.C.T.I.O.N.A.L.

  • Aamer Kastoff

    Aamer Kastoff

    3 שעות לפני

    @Okie Dokie You must have missed this part: "No, I don't care what you believe so save you atheist or religious crap for Facebook loser." - Cheers

  • Okie Dokie

    Okie Dokie

    3 שעות לפני

    Sure. No point to whine to a fictional God, beLIEver. It doesn't exist actually. Back to reality.

  • Dejanee Moses
    Dejanee Moses23 שעות לפני

    Yasss bout time 😍😍😍

  • simon11
    simon11יום לפני

    is god gonna be in the war fighting on lucifers side or his brothers side

  • Only Jesus Can Save Us
    Only Jesus Can Save Usיום לפני

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  • Jahimeliz Estrada
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    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH 😩😩 is all I can say cause YAYYYY