Mars Rover Landing Overview- NOW SAFE ON MARS!!!

מדע וטכנולוגיה

This will be cooler than the Super Bowl. Thanks to Bill and Melinda Gates for partnering with me on this video. Read the 2021 Annual Letter, here:
Watch the live stream-
Main rover landing page-
Cool rover interactive animation of the 7 mins of terror-
Spin the rover around in 3D-
Here is the video about why we should explore space even with problems here on Earth-
Music for the montage-
Explosions in the Sky
(Post-rock, four-member band from Texas.)
First Breath After Coma
Your Hand In Mine
Song at 11:21- Bottles by A Shell in the Pit-


  • Mark Rober
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    TOUCHDOWN CONFIRMED!! WE ARE SAFE ON MARS! Congratulations to @NASA and humanity.

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    @Bavnoop D Hmmmm

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  • Potato Man

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  • Mark Eagles
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    You had me right up to when you started talking about Gates, no no no.

  • Remington Estelle
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    im confused is the heat sheld going to work i think its going to melt i know it is on mars now but what if the sheld melted what would happen to the rover

  • Russian duckling 0w0
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    The Mars rover killed the cat

  • Carson Villata
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    Mark Rover

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    Mars Rover... Mark Rober... Hold up-

  • Hunter Bailey
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    How can you dislike this video? This is amazing and perseverance opens a whole new world, literally.

  • Victor Protz
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    You can make a raver that digs in the The place that might have life life

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    If you truth try do it

  • Caleb P. Casla
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    And Still we think that life on Earth just randomly appeared.

  • bungus doo gungus
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    On halloween you should make blaring alarms when kids take more than 1 candy out of a please take 1 bowl maybe have the bowl on a scale that knows that when more than 1 candy is being taken

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    Thats cray cray

  • Mr Theman
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    The gates foundation BJ at the end ruined the whole video.

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    Mark rover

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    They should’ve named the rover “Mark”

  • Richard Parisi
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    Great video tip stay away from Gates. Evil man !

  • Jay Reese
    Jay Reese5 שעות לפני

    Can you please help me with a home project I am currently trying to build a portable stereo out of a car stereo I wish to use my 20volt Dewalt batteries but I’m not sure how to reduce the power down to a12 volt

  • Aileen Baker
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    I'm not crying YOU'RE crying. Amazing.

  • Prince Alron
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    Even JPL gas rgb lighting.

  • milan van lijsdonk
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    i have that set of lego!

  • Shivam Maurya
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    Hint: use , comma and . dot to navigate YT videos frame by frame from 12:30 onwards.

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    This is for the sleepers.

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  • Zuhven - Gameplay
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    If you truth try do it

  • Zuhven - Gameplay
    Zuhven - Gameplay9 שעות לפני

    Mark Rober dead in 26 March 2022

  • HoboGrifter


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    I've bookmarked this comment, and every day after I'm gonna ask "is he dead yet?"

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    What nasa

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    Lol this video came out 2 days after perceverance landed

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    Mark I wait u goes to space

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    Mark have you ever been to space?

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    Ofc not.

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    Ok mark I have a video idea, i just watched your video on the fastest way to defrost your car windows. And I was wondering what the fastest way to defrost your windows if your car doesn’t have a/c

  • Kadexian Warrior
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    Mark: Is amazing, is super smart, worked at NASA, legit still visits old coworkers, amazing at science, Got a look at the newest Mars Rover His most popular video: How to skin watermelon (party trick)

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  • Victor Castillo
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    You must be one of those weird kids that enjoyed putting together his GI Joe vehicles more than playing with them. 😎

  • Jeff Greene
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    We can land a rover on Mars, but still no Microwave Heat Map yet...

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  • Sandy Hook Mom
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    IT's a lot of money for CGI fables.

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    Why do you think that?

  • LionGames
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    I feel like the reason we love this guy is because he never clickbates and he never brags how smart he is

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    What happened to the spirit rover?

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  • Haasika Thammaneni
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    Hey Mark your video is same like my 8th grade social studies

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    That's a nice way to introduce your dad

  • Caden_1107
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    Imagine how scary it will be if there is actual life on Mars.

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    @DeadMemeQueen How terrifying is it that people like you unironically exist?

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    @DeadMemeQueen How come I've seen Mars from my backyard?

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    Mars is not a place. We are in a realm we cannot escape. Don't let NA$A steal your imagination.

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    Wait a sec... Mark Rober... Mars Rover...

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    When i grow up ill be ths first person on mars. Belive it.

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    I cried.

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    Mars is solid? 😂

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    📉. 📈 📉. 📈 📉. 📈 📉📈

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    I never new Mark Rober worked at nasa.

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    Ay yo why no rover boi on me? I sad....

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    This is why I love this channel.

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    Awesome and congratulations

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    I thought he miss spelled marks rober?

  • Matthew Peters
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    We watched the video in school of the Rover landing on Mars

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  • Joseph Hoffman
    Joseph Hoffman21 שעה לפני

    Can you do a collaboration with Joel the 3D Printing Nerd on the properties of 3D Resin? I would love to answer a question, does the color of the resin clear/opaque determine how strong/weak it is and does it effect curing times?

  • Isaac Hernandez
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    I wish u were my teacher

  • Monster under your bed
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    I learned about this in school a day before this was posted 🤗

  • Dominique
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    You lost me at Bill and Melinda Gates

  • Narokkurai


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    Your loss. Despite the propaganda campaign against them, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation remains one of the most impactful humanitarian foundations in the world.

  • Bram Kolff van oosterwijk
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    i realy like mark rober cause its science but fun

  • Astro Gamer
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    @14:25 oh boi i rlly see him shivering

  • Gamernick 2281
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    I just realized Mark Rober is so close to Mars Rover just switch the s in mars to a k then change v in rover to a b

  • Astro Gamer
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    i can live on mars?

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    Maybe in the future

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    I like how Mars Rover almost sounds like Mark Rober

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    Its not Mark Rober, Its Mark Rover

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    Okay, this is kinda off the topic but I think noone will want to subscribe to him anymore If this gets outdated it'll be so out of context

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    Why do you do school when you can just watch his videos

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    I'm so glad I'm on the century when humans might discover another form of life from another planet. Amazing.

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    Nasa BIG MONEY $$$$ for rocks

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    I bet he is gonna make history mark my words

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    Thank you so much my son had to do a ‘interview’ on astronauts your videos help so much?🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻👍🏻

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    I listened to this while writing a summary of its landing for my school

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    The world is only six to eight years only

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    Hey mark can you make a vid on a hot food cooler

  • Alec Wallace
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    You should use some science and set the world record throw for the chuck it. There’s no world record currently so maybe you guys could set it?

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    Wdym safe on mars and its go time?

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    Finally I can proud of being human.

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    Mark Rober Mars Rover hmm.........

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    When I listened to a podcast he said “it’s like hitting a hole in one off a moving truck in Asia across the Atlantic Ocean across USA and hole in one at pebble beach right when a wave is crashing in” and they made it it’s just just wow

  • Ameri-Texan
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    Once when I worked at Lowe's. I got a bunch of three inch PVC tubes and caps to make used razor blade dispensers with no blueprints. We're basically the same people.

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    Thank you so much my son had to do a ‘interview’ on astronauts your videos help so much?🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻👍🏻

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    Mark rober is almost the same as mars rover

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    Mars *Rover* *Mark* Rober Mmmmm🤔

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    Mars? Mars is like a discontinued evolution

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    It's crazy that even before the first human sets foot on mars, we already have trash there...

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    Did this dude just say he has his videos planned a year in advance 😮 wtaf

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    Mark: you maybe the first to land on the moon 10 years later mark rober: I was the first man to land on Mars

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    This dude has so much gifted talent.

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    this is so cool omg