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NCT's 2nd album "NCT - The 2nd Album RESONANCE Pt.2" is out!
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01 90's Love
02 Misfit
03 Raise The Roof
04 Volcano
05 백열등 (Light Bulb)
06 Dancing In The Rain
07 My Everything
08 Interlude : Past to Present
09 Make A Wish (Birthday Song)
10 무대로 (déjà vu; 舞代路)
11 月之迷 (Nectar)
12 Music, Dance
13 피아노 (Faded In My Last Song)
14 From Home
15 From Home (Korean Ver.)
16 Make A Wish (Birthday Song) (English Ver.)
17 Interlude: Present to Future
18 Work It
19 단잠 (All About You)
20 I.O.U
21 Outro: Dream Routine
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NCT U 엔시티 유 '90's Love' MV ℗ SM Entertainment


  • Titah Kalimasda
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    hey kalian yang rajin sreaming cantik/ganteng deh

  • Titah Kalimasda
    Titah Kalimasda4 דקות לפני

    hey yangyang kamu ganteng sekalii

  • allok dallok
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    let's get 70M before this turns 2monthsold

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    duaribu duapuluh satu

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    lagi mu oleng ke mark e udah oleng ke haechan

  • Titah Kalimasda
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    haechan suara mu bikin oleng

  • Titah Kalimasda
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    btw aku lagi oleng ke mark

  • 韦林
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  • Titah Kalimasda
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    iklan oh iklan

  • sherina salma
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    Jeno Haechan Ten Winwin Mark Sungchan Yangyang NCT 사랑해

  • Jaemin's coffee
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    Let's get 70 million!!

  • Erica Ca
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    jeno and haechan part is so addicting

  • keisha aqilla
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    hi aku datang dari 2021

  • revika A
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    Czennie indo ayo vote NCT di TTA

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    highnote nya ten sampe nyampe ke dalam hatiku, eaaㅋㅋㅋ

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    Jangan lupa vote NCT di SM4, TTA, MUS1C MUND14L

  • Muhamad Alif

    Muhamad Alif

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    SITI NURHALIZA2 שעות לפני

    'classic' nya sungchan gada obat hiks:"

  • Leah Ursos
    Leah Ursos2 שעות לפני

    the song deserves 100 million views

  • 8 makes 1 team
    8 makes 1 team2 שעות לפני

    If winwin did not get many lines its okay but at least he should have more screen time

  • mochim chim
    mochim chim2 שעות לפני

    Wait! Someone enlighten me, how many NCT U’s are there? I remember taeyong, taeil and jaehyun are part of nct u and the others.

  • mochim chim

    mochim chim

    שעה לפני

    @Mawar Zullkefly i see. Thanks for clarifying 😊

  • Mawar Zullkefly

    Mawar Zullkefly

    שעה לפני

    NCT U isn't a fixed group, they always mix from NCT Dream, NCT 127 and WayV +Sungchan and Shotaro.. so don't get too confused about NCT U :D

  • Matcha Hahaha
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    Ily guys

  • nscaf
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    70m stream

  • Diyana Kamelia Anwar
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    im not nctzen but i like nct

  • Amosa Malu oloi
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    Who's here from the song resonance

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    Vote for NCT in SMA and strm regular for WayV 2nd debut anniversary ¡Vamos por esos 70M!

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    70M kajja

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    Love nct

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  • Lee Emma
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    Semangat menuju 100jt 😁😁😁

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    Don't forget to like the MV

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    We'll reach 100M maybe on the 3rd or 4th month

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    AANYA RAGHAVAN4 שעות לפני

    NCT = N = new C = crazy T = talent

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    70 million let's go!!!

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    fighting yall

  • Nasywa Febria Valerina
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    u guys are sooo talented

  • Nasywa Febria Valerina
    Nasywa Febria Valerina5 שעות לפני

    u guyss are soooo talented😩💚

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    ayo semangat!

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  • Sun D Full Sun
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    lagunya candu banget, apalagi high not haechan dan ten

  • Only Alexz
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    luruszen ayo streaming

  • Kim Rachael
    Kim Rachael5 שעות לפני

    Reminds me of li yubing from skate into love ok bye

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    2 bulan bisa gak dapet 100M??? Pasti bisa dong semangat

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    Kurang 4M ayok biar 70M

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    2M like kuy

  • Niken Zahra
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    70M dikit lagi ayok

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    Yok semangat stream1ng

  • SM Stan 10vely tenten
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    congrats "make a wish" has reached 3m likes^^ 90s love 2m likes soon❤️

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    Vamos por los 70m.

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    I like this💚💚💚💚

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    90's Love is calling me. I have to come here everyday. XD

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    Yuk bisa yuk 100M

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    gais vote di tta yuu nct turun ni

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    Esta canción esta buenísima!

  • Clarisa Tellez
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    amazing song

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    Tenn you deserve it baby

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  • Ayesha Nuraini
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    let me show you 90s loveee

  • Yxiannah Lim
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    Dylan participated in this song. How great is that! He's such a talented artist. I'm just waiting for him to debut.

  • Prettyblossom _03
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    Keep streaming guys !!! 100M after 3 months, can we do it for our boys?

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    68M Views 1,9M Likes 500k Comments

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    don't be proud of viewers like this, let's keep improving

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    500k comment

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    Vote di SMA woyy!!!😵

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    Jgn lupa vote TTA, IDOL CHAMP. NCT KE 2 GUYS

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    100M views for 90s Love when????!?

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    Plss vote nct !!!! At tta ,music mundial and at SMA now !!!!not just str3ming buat diligent vote !!!!

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    Ayoo 70m !!!

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    0:45 1:21 1:55 2:13

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    First time hear: its weird Now: Feel a way feel a way

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    Wooow! 500k comentarios

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    Im back

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    Comon ctzens 70m is calling us

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    The concept of 90s love stands out so much.

  • reynata cantekh
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  • reynata cantekh
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    mas jeno ga cape ganteng terus ?

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    Love this unit so much!💚💚💚

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    Here we go ah! Let's win, nctzens!

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    I’m trying to get myself pumped up for a big debate tournament I’m very nervous for

  • Abigail


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    @Czenni M thank you!

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    Czenni M

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    Hope it goes well:)

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    Ignoren este comemtario.... lista: 1 kilo de tortillas 1 litro de coca 2kilos de papa 1 kilo de tomate 1/2 de chile 1 paquete de rollo

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    Let's show them that we love support cheer them by str34ming guysss....

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    My favorite song

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    Classic ~~

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    Could this song BE any more of a bop?! See what I did there ? ;)

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    68M vi3ws done!!

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    so close to 70M guys, fighting!!!