Ruel - Painkiller (Official Video)


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  • Eva Synnergren
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  • 공백
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    외국애들 이런거 되게좋아하네 순애보를 죽어가는걸로 표현하는..?

  • Infidel
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  • QwQ
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    Edi shing hawig niya dito si Leonardo

  • Cold
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    wait. Where the drums?

  • Yousef Shorafa
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    "Faster than a bullet, terrifying screa..." Ohh shit wrong video, sorry. 😁

  • muffeCx
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    This music video is such a vibe!

  • zezocas
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    Me looking for judas priest: man, I will headbang for the rest of my life *search for painkiller Me shocked: WHERE IS MY METAL?? NOW IS THIS SHIT? I am very disapointed with music nowadays.

  • Coco
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  • Jan Brianna Buan
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    Okay but I wanna know if this is a real disease

  • Rinny
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    3:26 I know! He's just got the Invisibility Cloak on only his body, duhhh 🙄

  • elle J
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    Everyone is saying he looks like Leonardo and sounds like Shawn I CAN NOT AGREE MORE!

  • wreck creck
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    Still listening in 2021!

  • thu thủy trần
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    idk but the mv looks like a scene from "the monster company"

  • Princess Scarlet
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  • :3
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    love dis song

  • Chrislyn Marie Daño
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    I really love this song 🥰

  • gabriela
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    so true anakin skywalker

  • tofu is pretty tasty but im lazy to cook
    tofu is pretty tasty but im lazy to cook3 ימים לפני

    this is fucking stupid.

  • Janessa Richards
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    I love this song so much every time I listen to it I just start dancing it makes me smile I have listen to this song million times to I just get in my feelings

  • 07 Laeina
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    Watching this when you’re in lockdown again after covid19 has been around for a year this mv hits different... also the cover. But it’s still as amazing as ever 🔥

  • 04
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    My heart is melting .....

  • Vener lll Daquiado
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    What happen to him:(

  • Micaela Maldonado
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    ❤️todavía recuerdo cuando salió

  • _kasinath
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    The last scene happened when thanos snapped

  • Nanciel V. Pett
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    I wish I looked like him, and I'm a girl

  • 이제
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    점점 미쳐가는 잘생긴 재벌 막내도련님같다. 미쳐가면서도 한편으로는 해맑고 행복한

  • jihun seong

    jihun seong

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    ㅋㅋㅋ 맞아여

  • Diana Salazar Vergara
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  • Yshii stans Talent
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    I came from Jimin’s playlist

  • José Camacho
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    That was so fantastic and a love his now xd, je careful xoxo

  • Sevania Anindya Putri
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    3:27 🤯🤯

  • Sevania Anindya Putri
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    bcz Kang Taehyun

  • João
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    I was looking for Judas Priest

  • Sara Grace
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    The way he ate the banana 😭🤍

  • moonlualua
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    ele é todo pititico😔🙌

  • Baby Beomgyu
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    pov: bc kang taehyun mentioned

  • seal george
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    idk this song until taehyun mention it

  • April ajkd
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    hope those painkillers work for taehyun

  • Regine Borres
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    went back here again when kang taehyun said he listens to painkiller !!

  • Sparklies Frizz
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    Singer-songwriter at such a young age. I hope you have a very successful career!

  • syntax error
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    He’s perfect ! Ima goin to cry 😭

  • Gun Smile
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    like a god

  • Trangg Trang
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    this music video so handsome 😅 and the melody is good too. i'm addicted to this song 🥰

  • Lily Taylor
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    He may sound like shawn mendes, but ruels music is way better than his

  • Stuart Barton
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    When I heard this song I thought it was Rex Orange County!

  • Wong kk
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    am I the one know that he was born at 2002 ?

    C4TBOYMiN9 ימים לפני

    i didnt know jimin recommended this song

  • Letícia Nadur
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    just thank you

  • Darmo Millano
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    Who else is here because this one from JIMIN playlist on BangtanTV?



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    this song was one of my favorites. i just found out today that this was on jimins playlist

  • Ariadne Opius Black.
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    노래가 잘생겼네요

  • โคตรโหด กระโดดเตะ
    โคตรโหด กระโดดเตะ11 ימים לפני

    Omg......Why i can't stop listen this song

  • _Russian Bread_
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    Just a copy, wich want be popular like Judas Priest yeah?

  • eto tsiskarishvili
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    This mv reminds me of Breaking Bad

  • Константин Киселев
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    Джимбо скажи им

  • 김나은
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    I love this song He is so cute and handsome , isn’t he?

  • 하롱하롱
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    You're my painkiller When my brain gets bitter You keep me close You keep me close I got front row seats for the park side livin' Feel like the one but I'm one in a billion Teenage cynical and I don't really know What's the point of living if my heart gets broken? Driving on the road, waiting for head-on collision Springtime funeral, I miss you but I'd rather be alone To keep me from Heartbreaks, headaches The doctor says I'm diagnosed with Shit days, mistakes But I'll be fine But I'll be fine 'Cause you're my painkiller When my brain gets bitter You keep me close When I've been miserable And it takes forever To let my brain get better You keep me close You keep me close Window seats as the plane starts to leavin' Miss those streets where my knees were bleedin' Homesick veteran I left my bed again Oh, looking for Heartbreaks, headaches The doctor says I'm diagnosed with Shit days, mistakes But I'll be fine But I'll be fine 'Cause you're my painkiller When my brain gets bitter You keep me close When I've been miserable And it takes forever To let my brain get better You keep me close You keep me close Please, never leave me 'Cause I'm barely holdin' on You give me a reason to keep on breathin' 'Cause you're my painkiller When my brain gets bitter You keep me close When I've been miserable And it takes forever To let my brain get better You keep me close You keep me close I know you hear me (Close) Yeah (Close) Close

  • ira vovecel bacares
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    6.6k unlikes 🤬

  • Alexxa
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    I love this song so much😔✋

  • The gurl Editsz
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    OML Leo is that u

  • Gabriel
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    vai se fuder mlk

  • Sai Kaushal B
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    He is one of my favourite artist😍😘

  • Lethyl 2001
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    Yellow became one of my favorite colors after watching this.

  • John Lloyd Balla
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    I love this song

  • Moody Music
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    I'm sorry I didn't get you a box of chocolates for Valentine's Day, but if you want something sweet I'm right here.

  • ᄀᄒᄀ
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    아니 왜 디카프리오 닮았노...;;

  • god zilla
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    this is the first song I heard from him almost 2 years ago and it's already nostalgic 🥺

  • narrow_ spit
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    ^||^5½13|= ₩|=77 ^||^|=|=_|_ 8●^||^|=|•)5½ ... :》

  • iDrum
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    esos de habla-hispana presentense con un like❤

  • Sarah de Souza Francisco
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    Cade os br???

  • sara de la cruz
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    today’s ruel marathon day

  • sara de la cruz
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  • Shirvian YT
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    i searched for three day grace, not for this :/

  • チェリーポッター
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  • c u t i e p i e
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    1:58 he lost a finger and keeps vibing. 2:09 oh he also lost his arm. 3:01 i cant relate that.. 3:23 NICE

  • César La Rosa
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    Be your own painkiller

  • Mike Mickey
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    3:28 he didn’t feel so good-

  • Mrs.Youtube yorumcusu
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    The man is out of the zombie

  • Iman Williams
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    okay covid.

  • Super Nova
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    The fact that l didn’t expect him to have a voice like this !

  • Cristionna Eynon
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    The exultant italy occasionally chop because sidewalk routinely detect of a broken hat. giddy, windy cloth

  • misaki
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    *can shawn mendes just cover this song*

  • Moon
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    존나 잘생겼다 진짜

  • Samuel Bugden
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  • Martin Varas Rojas

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  • Matthew Holland
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    my sister always had a crush on you made no sense to me.

  • Leia Linder
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    This was before Corona, how did he know..

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    Sunwoo brought me here

  • gl0ssy


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    @Li Ly ure isn't proper grammer dumbass

  • Li Ly

    Li Ly

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    @gl0ssy oh the audacity??? the fck u care?? Just mind your damn business and fyi, ure=youre im not dumbass lol

  • gl0ssy


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    sigh i keep repeating myself no one cares "sunwoo" brought you here literally just stfu and listen to the song and it's you're not ure

  • Li Ly

    Li Ly

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    @gl0ssy lmao why so pressed about my comment? I just said that to have my memories abt the song. Stfu ure literally ruining my day.

  • gl0ssy


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    @Li Ly what does that even mean ? and again no one cares just enjoy the music

  • clawxshr
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    thanks youtube 4 recommending me this omg his songs r so good wtff hbbschcdbcydcbycdbbdbdsdssdcdgvdssdgcsdvhdsvds

  • Crazy girl
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    Is that Jack Dawson he running from titanic to be a singer? I'm joking Rule just Rule he's not anyone else

  • L e x i
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    Who else has this video on loop-

  • Team meow
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    Wtff he is so handsome,like leonardo de caprio

  • 장꾸
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    개잘생겼당 ㅎㅎ

  • 유히유


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  • Akashi Demaria
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    Wait this isn't Three Days Grace-

  • Hi.
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    Que música maravilhosa 😭🦩💞🙌😔

  • snino law
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    THANOS brought me here

  • Lucie Nayna
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    why t fck do i receive the comments on my email i didn't even subscribe

  • Sofia Flynn
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    Ruel is my favorite artist everrrrr🥴🥴🥴🥰🥰🥰

  • kirti tyagi
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    Fusion of di caprio and shawn mendes

  • 니트
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    LG like this song

  • Supremajullibeama /
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    Why is that creepy end part (with his head dissolving) - so oddly satisfying!