Shoot to Thrill


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Shoot to Thrill · AC/DC
Back In Black
℗ 1980 Leidseplein Presse B.V.
Released on: 1980-07-25
Guitar, Composer, Lyricist: Angus Young
Vocal, Composer, Lyricist: Brian Johnson
Guitar, Composer, Lyricist: Malcolm Young
Drums: Phil Rudd
Bass: Cliff Williams
Producer: Robert John 'Mutt' Lange
Engineer: Tony Platt
Assistant Engineer: Jack Nuber
Assistant Engineer: Benji Armbraster
Mixing Engineer: Brad Samuelsohn
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  • GEO
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  • Tony Stark
    Tony Starkחודש לפני

    I love this song...

  • Pizza Time
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    Steps for a badass entrance 1. Skydive out of a plane without a parachute 2. Land on a wrecking ball that has a crane manuevering it 3. Do a backflip on a motorcycle 4. Drive into an explosive factory and let go of the motorcycle 5. Fly with a jetpack on flipping off everyone

  • Keith Costanzo
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  • Xavier Garcia
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    Livid catalyst

  • Trevor Philips
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    Bad school grades, bad family life, AC/DC, all better. No matter where I am, listening to AC/DC in my room changes me bright fully. Ooooooh yeaah

  • Trevor Philips
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    Back In Black Ice On A Highway To Hell To Let There Be Rock all over the world.

  • TheOneStain
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    "Make a move, Reindeer games."

  • southerncajuncharm
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    “I’ve always admired Lincoln. When the South began going it’s own way, he knew taking a direct position against slavery would lead to Civil War. But he did it anyways. Because he knew something more than anyone has before or since. He knew a house divided against itself cannot stand, a nation cannot be split down the middle and survive. Under his administration brother hunted brother, friend turned against friend. It was terrible, it was bloody, it was necessary. Because in the ent the Union was upheld and the Republic restored.”- Tony Stark

  • jorge gasalho
    jorge gasalho2 חודשים לפני

    super !!!!!!!!

  • The Tale Of The Dark Inquisitor Sparda
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    Alucard And Iron Man Had The Best Kinda Entrance With Song

  • Digital Dan
    Digital Dan2 חודשים לפני

    Ben Rhodes stupid F'n mouth brought me here...

  • deathpunx13
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    when i get off work after a long hard day i dont wanna hear some lame depressing ass shit I WANT MY GODDAM MOTHER FUCKING AC/DC BITCHES - MONSTER 2020

  • Donald "Wade" Tittle
    Donald "Wade" Tittle2 חודשים לפני

    When my high school basketball team shoots 68 3 pointers in a game and only makes 7 but we still win in OT

  • Jessica Sanchez
    Jessica Sanchez2 חודשים לפני

    You're telling me that this song is 40 years old?

  • Jeffrey Richardson
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    verns caricature scotts nice hope ave furniture bird shirt table sure

  • Natasha 'BlastBurn1099' Winland
    Natasha 'BlastBurn1099' Winland2 חודשים לפני

    Perfect song for a wrestling or war training montage.

  • Jorge Mendoza Casana
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    Señorita Romanoff me extrañó?

  • bill philips
    bill philips3 חודשים לפני

    3:19 and on from there is a massive adrenaline rush like i rarely feel listening to music. they let it loose!!!

  • Victor Zimmerman
    Victor Zimmerman3 חודשים לפני

    the quiet kid when he gets angry.

  • Horror Shadow99
    Horror Shadow993 חודשים לפני

    I am so glad we have music audio only videos on ILmem, cuz with lockdowns you can bring the concert to you. Covid ain't gonna defeat Rock music 🤘😎🤘

  • Jake Kenward
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  • Toni pro basket
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    The best song in the big world

  • hotpockets 232
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    This makes me want to do the trend about americans schools the involve guns

  • Angelo Guerrero
    Angelo Guerrero3 חודשים לפני

    pon like si hablas español xdd

  • Dread Angel
    Dread Angel3 חודשים לפני

    Make your move, Reindeer Games

  • Blues Corner
    Blues Corner3 חודשים לפני

    The only one gripe I have about this song is how it comes to an end. If they had just inserted one final verse before taking it home, that would have been grand! The verses are the best part! Great song nonetheless!

  • WoodyStrokerCat
    WoodyStrokerCat3 חודשים לפני

    Powerful song in every aspect.

  • Live Wire
    Live Wire3 חודשים לפני

    Some People think this album is overrated. I think it's just that all of their other albums are UNDER rated.

  • Spamus Music
    Spamus Music3 חודשים לפני

    Nobody: No one: Not a single soul: The quiet kid in the back of the class

  • Takis Christofilis
    Takis Christofilis3 חודשים לפני

    Being a genuine AC/DC creator fan...Got this to say... Brand locker room eunoch forgery scum... The folly pony of silent true wrap... Orth intended...

  • Thiago DLC
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    Make your move Raindeer games

  • Thiago DLC
    Thiago DLC3 חודשים לפני

    Manda ver Homem Rena

  • nichodo
    nichodo3 חודשים לפני

    Tony Stark: **Hacks an expensive jet to make a cool entrance** Agent Romanoff, you miss me?

  • Cazafurros
    Cazafurros3 חודשים לפני

    Alguien aquí después de cargarnos a galactus?

  • RelaX
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    this makes me wanna throw the gun instead of the magazine

  • Mono gram adikt
    Mono gram adikt3 חודשים לפני

    best thing to ever come out of aus

  • josh fritz
    josh fritz3 חודשים לפני

    This song is dangerous to listen to when driving. Christ, I'm glad there weren't any cops around.

  • Jules Goss

    Jules Goss

    3 חודשים לפני

    Oh my Lord this happened to me many times before. Never got a speeding ticket though which is good

  • Senhor Bills
    Senhor Bills3 חודשים לפני

    homem de ferro

  • C64 Striker
    C64 Striker3 חודשים לפני

    I feel like watching a vampire ram a "Black Bird" jet into an aircraft carrier and then making an SJW check her privilage.

  • Alexandre Henrique

    Alexandre Henrique

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    ah, the sort of hyper specific deal that made me check here in the first place

  • Gaina Dumitru

    Gaina Dumitru

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    yes thank you

  • C64 Striker
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    This song makes me wanna use a tiny RC plane to shoot up that jerk's car who popped up and stabbed me in the cheek.

  • Keegan McCarthy
    Keegan McCarthy3 חודשים לפני

    This makes me want to overide a ships PA system and blast a God

  • Taccy 98
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    lord, here come the fortnite kids

  • uglydog311
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    I have NO idea what the world has become . An actual MAN should be able to hear this song , then lace his boots - pick up his rifle , locate , close with , and destroy the enemy through fire and maneuver . You fuckin' losers need not apply . The MEN will handle this .

  • D Krieger
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    The cause of so many tickets... lol 😆

  • Zer0 K
    Zer0 K3 חודשים לפני

    possibly the best scene in marvel: Iron Man hijacking the speakers, playing this, and smacking Loki

  • Laine is not a truck

    Laine is not a truck

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    @Frank Noel no

  • Frank Noel

    Frank Noel

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    Agent Romanoff, you miss me?

  • Tyler Hill

    Tyler Hill

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    @Itstigeryotoons moi

  • Robert Janka

    Robert Janka

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    You are right, mate.

  • Laine is not a truck

    Laine is not a truck

    3 חודשים לפני

    Iconic :)) I've watched that scene 8,000,000,000 times

  • TCS-Luis Garcia
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    Like si vinistes a escucharla por el evento de fortnite

  • Eduardo Melendez0202
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    Vine por fortnite.

  • ꧁༒mau༒꧂ ༒༒
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    La canción del evento de fortnite

  • ꧁༒mau༒꧂ ༒༒

    ꧁༒mau༒꧂ ༒༒

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    @DraxxL2R2 hola me sigues en Ender y ahora aqui

  • DraxxL2R2


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    Hola xd

  • Rumbly


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  • José abc 123
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    Esta canción desde ahora es y será historia gracias a un juego y es una pedazo de rola Like los que vienen de Fortnite

  • Not GhostlyFN
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  • Not GhostlyFN

    Not GhostlyFN

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    @Josué Mayhua es verda

  • Josué Mayhua

    Josué Mayhua

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    Mas bien a sepia o a m13rd4

  • Kross6417


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  • Sebastian CC
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    Quien viene aquí x fortnite xd

  • Not GhostlyFN

    Not GhostlyFN

    3 חודשים לפני


    MATTISSAC3 חודשים לפני

    Con que esta musica la puso tony para vencer a galactus :v

  • Not GhostlyFN

    Not GhostlyFN

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  • TheRift
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    Admitelo, te gusto el evento de fortnite solo por esto

  • Jacobo Abril
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  • Not GhostlyFN

    Not GhostlyFN

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  • benjax 016
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    Epico ganamos

  • NadalFT
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    Pov: vienes del evento de fortnite xd

  • Ruben Carrillo

    Ruben Carrillo

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    SI WE

  • Juan Carlos Garcia

    Juan Carlos Garcia

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  • Not GhostlyFN

    Not GhostlyFN

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    @NadalFT jaaaaj

  • NadalFT


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    @Not GhostlyFN xq yo igual vengo del evento xd

  • Not GhostlyFN

    Not GhostlyFN

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  • Rushh
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    Anyone here from galactus event?

  • Way Point134
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    nooooo fortnite kids are coming

  • Whipped cream guy

    Whipped cream guy

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    Bruh, at least look at your pfp



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    You photo

  • Lightskin Saiyan
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    This song on hellsing ultimate abridged was awesome 😎

  • DAN WYK21
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  • MINOLTA Toyota Dude 36

    MINOLTA Toyota Dude 36

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    Fortnite is garbage

  • Manuel Donato
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    Rompiéndole el CUL0 al devorador de mundos la canción 🎵 🎸🤘

  • Arreola Maya Israel
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    Fortnite 😳 xd

  • BananaSplit Xd
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    Jajaja la cancion del evento de galactus

  • Mr planto
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    El rock es inmortal

  • Vittenz ay πoπ
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    Galactus Event????

  • Rocki


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  • Vittenz ay πoπ

    Vittenz ay πoπ

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    @Tub0 si es que se que la mitad de las personas que comentaran serán inglesas

  • Tub0


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    Descubrí que hablas español por el logo de messirve xD

  • Adriel Leomarti HUAMAN BALTAZAR

    Adriel Leomarti HUAMAN BALTAZAR

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  • Mr planto
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    does anyone know how to drive a flying bus?

  • #35 Arturo Villaseñor Velazquez
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  • El fabo
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  • Narco4134
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  • Bernardo Eliezer Jerez Santiago
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    Like si vienes del evento de Galactus

  • Joel marco diaz

    Joel marco diaz

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    Iron man 2 master Además no es está canción es Demon fire

  • Tiny Dinosaur
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    Con esta rola le partimos la madre a galactus

  • ElGamerPobre
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    who is here for fortnite?

  • MINOLTA Toyota Dude 36

    MINOLTA Toyota Dude 36

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    Not me.

  • Stareye 52
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    *omg the song than play in the fortnite event*

  • Mr. Someone
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    You do know how to drive the battle bus.... right?

  • Angeluxy 140
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    Estuvo chido partirle su madre a Galactus con esta rola

  • Mr planto

    Mr planto

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    No simplemente fue chido,fue épico

  • TOXiC YT

    TOXiC YT

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    Lo mejor de lo mejor

  • Luis Joel Sánchez

    Luis Joel Sánchez

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  • VictorSpideyX


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  • Yato_mames AF
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    like si viniste por la música del evento

  • Joel marco diaz

    Joel marco diaz

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    Está no es es Demon fire

  • Yato_mames AF

    Yato_mames AF

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    @Los videos de Maikel si ubiera sido aun mas espectacular

  • Los videos de Maikel

    Los videos de Maikel

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    Me hubiera gustado destruir más glotones, era increíble con esta rola

  • LeanLe07ツ
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  • noobmaster666


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  • Ike Chance

    Ike Chance

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  • Itchidiego13
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    El rolón que estuvo en el evento de Fortnite 👌🏽🔥

  • MarioRandom
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    Iron man

  • Robespierre Oyola
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    Cuando reconocí este temazo en el evento, no me lo terminaba de creer. Buena elección de soundtrack de parte de los desarrolladores, mis respetos

  • Matheo Echevarría

    Matheo Echevarría

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    @Robert Ros Garcia exacto

  • Robert Ros Garcia

    Robert Ros Garcia

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    Siento decirte que era demon fire no esta :(

  • Bruno Ontiveros

    Bruno Ontiveros

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    Si del evento de galactus



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  • Brian Alejandro
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    vs Galactus

  • Erron Black
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    Event Galactus Fortnite

  • •ღCarlos_Shitposterღ•
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    *Este es CopyRight del evento de Fornite de Galactus XDDDD*

  • Joel marco diaz

    Joel marco diaz

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    Está no es

  • Robert Ros Garcia

    Robert Ros Garcia

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    Esta no, es demon fire

  • RuLyGo


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    Si XD

  • Dogie Gamer

    Dogie Gamer

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  • Andre Salles
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    A melhor banda de rock do mundooooooooooooo vsf porraa \m/

  • largeawesomeman 3349
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    "Ah its good to be back" - Tony Stark

  • Grayson 40
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    After playing AC/DC at full blast for 2 years, my phone speakers are more shredded than Brian’s vocal chords.

  • Atomix Gaming
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    Who’s ready for today’s fortnite event I can’t believe they are partnering up with AC/DC this is a dream come true! 🤘🤘

  • Middle Earth T.V.
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  • Milk
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    Came here from Hell’s Bells. That was the first song from AC/DC I listened to. Now Metallica and AC/DC are my favorite rock bands.

  • Stormer 757

    Stormer 757

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    @Fer Bittencourt i support this, iron maiden is great

  • Fer Bittencourt

    Fer Bittencourt

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    listen to iron maiden

  • Stormer 757

    Stormer 757

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    what was the first metallica song you heard?

  • Maureen Kelly
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    ⚠️ warning ⚠️ Don’t play this in school

  • AnimalLIFE P.Z.
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  • General Greivous
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    (Laughs in Alucard)

  • marissa sharlene
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    Love AC/DC ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • The DoomSlayer
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    2:56 "Agent Romanoff... You miss me?"

  • CambodianForged InFreedom2AIII%ER
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  • Joel Hernandez
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    Cardi b doesn't stand a chance to this

  • Andrew Rodgers
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    Powerful,if electricity had the same impact on life like this covid pandemic across the world, it would be called shot to fuck, doesn't have the same meaning, does it?

  • *tatsu
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    Everyone says Iron Man... I say CQC ;)

  • Darth Destructus
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    Make your move, Reindeer Games